27 min live performance

Feeling Unreeling explores themes of pleasure and containment through depictions of dance as "private" emotional release. All from non-musical films, these moments of narrative rupture become further ruptured for new meaning through video-edited "scores" performed by untrained dancers. Projections of moving bodies gain real physicality as screens moving onstage. Performers enact looped dance phrases then mirror a film assemblage as continuous dance sequence. Eventually, mediated as filmed subjects ourselves, we simply dance together then breakdown the set as a rotating live-feed camera captures and projects our bodies onscreen.

The work was developed with the generous support of The Kitchen's Dance and Process Program.

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6 min video

Both Sides Now is part of a larger series, The Evil In All Things, which is inspired by the complicated figure of Satan in Milton’s Paradise Lost. Here, we follow cast members playing Rebel Angels of a Paradise Lost production after a lukewarm opening night reception.

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6 min video

In Rites Minor, two shadowy figures meet at an isolated spring. Are they conjurers of black magic alchemy, quietly provoking the natural world, or partners in some elaborate fetish game?

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Collaboration with Moriah Evans
60 min live performance

Another Performance interrelates histories of dance, performance art and sculpture to investigate the relations between a “thing” animated into performance and a “body” performing actions. When does a dance become a task, and when does a task become a dance?

The work was developed with the generous support of Danspace Project.

25 min video and installation

Food editor Clementine Paddleford wrote that the perfect soufflé responded, "with a rapturous, half-hushed sigh as it settled softly to melt and vanish in a moment like smoke or a dream."

Let's Be Civil
suggests a tenuous portrayal of domesticity both mundane and monumentalized by the presence of soufflé. Never learning much of the couple, the seemingly fantastical rise and fall of the souffle, and its reputation for potential disaster, provide insight into the uncertainty permeating their home and bodies.

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15 min performance

Before & Still animates objects in a still life composition, suggesting a surprising history (or more, a process of becoming) out of the singular still life moment. Inspired by still life painting traditions of kitchen and game pieces, the mixed media performance shows interactions between the objects occupying a table moving into their final states of (de)composition... their perverse, violent, romantic and erotic exchanges capturing implicit tensions within its larger setting of the home and its unseen inhabitants.

The work was developed with the generous support of the St. Ann's Warehouse Experimental Puppetry Residency. Photo credit: Richard Termine

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Wilderless (Collaboration with John Orth)
8 min video

Created for Satellites, an invitational exhibition of site-specific work in the Channelside District of Tampa, FL. As a video projection in close proximity to a port frequented by the arrivals and departures of vacation cruise ships, Touch and Go uses signifiers of the meticulously constructed fantasy of the pleasure cruise experience (including fireworks, food towers, limbo poles, conga lines, and towel animals) to impose a fantasy of its own.

Wilderless (Collaboration with John Orth)
1 min looping animation with slide projectors

PS Sal Mineo is a homage to actor Sal Mineo of Rebel Without a Cause fame. Mineo's career peaked in the early 1950's, cast alongside of some of Hollywood's most famous leading men but quickly devolved into typecasted roles as troubled teens and knife wielding street toughs (one such role in Crime in the Street earning him the nickname, the "Switchblade Kid").

Wilderless pays tribute to his career, his struggle in Hollywood as a gay man and to his life cut short, as fate would have it, in a fatal knife stabbing.

7 min video

With Huff: A Given Give-In, ordinary functions of the body become unsettled as they animate the transformation of man into beast. We stumble upon a forest and witness two males at a campsite. One in typical wilderness gear and the other crudely disguised as wolf, they engage in a strange erotic ritual of heavy breath and exhausted collapse.

Inspired by the simultaneous violence and tenderness of the childhood "passing out" game... it remains unclear if the couple is absorbed in schoolyard nostalgia, sadomasochistic role play, or whether we are to submit to the fantasy of werewolf lore as we imagine captor willing the human back out of wild creature.

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Wilderless (Collaboration with John Orth)
3 min video

In a desolate wintery snowscape, there is evidence of an injury, provoking a slow transmutation that passes from the aggressor to the wounded.

This is a video created for John's band, Holopaw. (All in the middle of an especially sweltering Florida summer.) The song is "Curious" from their second album
Quit +/or Fight on Subpop Records.

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5 min video

Perfidia is inspired by an experience at La Closet, a drag club in Tijuana.

The project takes on two iconic images of Linda Ronstadt: as coy rollerskater and another donning Mariachi regalia. For the video I play both roles, as well as the cowboy spectator, in a rendition of her song "Perfidia" (translating as betrayal or treachery).

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30 min live multimedia performance

In Sea Meets Swell, a stage was developed where a front-projected image enters a cutout hole of a theater scrim to match the circumference of a tube concealed behind, evoking both a porthole and gloryhole view for the audience.

Through the course of the performance, four unseen stagehand/performers insert props along the length of the tube that interact with projected video animations. The result becomes a constantly shifting multilayered image that is physically engaged with the seduction and recoil that occurs within the doubled seafaring/bathroom stall fantasies.

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5 min video

After You've Gone is a spurned lover's plea and a personal farewell tribute to Florida.

Described as "a tart home-away-from-home, the-weather-is-here-wish-you-were beautiful video postcard" in NYTimes critic Holland Cotter's review of group exhibition "Porch Show" at Cinders Gallery in 2005.

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